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A New Way To Monetize Your Games

A revolutionary Plug & Play solution that turns any mobile game into an e-sports platform.



A wide range of features are a click away


Easily Integrated

As easy as a 10 minute drag and drop and nearly no code at all.



Get retention from your users with automated call to action, achievements and call back notifications


Overall Monitoring

Never miss anything that happens in your games. Get special tips to enhance your players experience.

esports as a service

Esports as a Service

Implementing and organizing tournaments and eSports events has never been so easy.

Extensible Core

Integrations to make Your Game better

Works with your engine of choice

Being crossplatform and easy to use are top priorities in Seemba, so we work on integrations to make it easier for you to create the next hit with any engine you’re working on.

Focus On Your Product and Leave The Rest To Us

It all starts With the right tools

So Why Seemba?

Seemba is designed to provide you with the key features in large screen and mobile eSports. It’ll help you to focus on your product, launch your game faster and reach more players.


Easily pluggable project on Unity 3D, soon to come on Unreal Engine and others.


Be part of the cross-platform and cross-game community, play with no boundaries and reach uncharted skies.


We provide clear instructions that can be found in our documentation, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

What You Get By Integrating Seemba

Is An Instaneous Competitive Ecosystem


What Do They Say

About Seemba?

“The most funny and addictive tool we ever came to use in our games! It completely changed the experience.”

Houcem Maiza

CEO @Galactech

“Simple yet innovative, daring but concrete! In love with the solution and the team. Splendid.”

dhekra Khelifi

Manager @OrangeFab

“Love what the team did! Very well thought and executed. A must for your game if you want to grow engagement.”

Adel Ghouma

Ex Director @G2A-MENA